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"Building a community of brewers while advancing their common interests"  
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why should I join the Guild if I am already a member of the Beer Commission?
A. Every brewery in the state is a member of the Beer Commission, whose charge is to market WA beer. The Brewers Guild is a voluntary organization dedicated to protecting the brewing industryâ™s interests through the legislative and regulatory processes while facilitating a strong, cohesive brewing community.

Q. How much is membership? Where do my membership dues go?

A. All brewery membership dues go towards paying our lobbyistsâ™ salary. All other guild activities are funded either through fundraisers or allied and associate memberships.

Q. Why should I join the Brewers Guild?
A. Membership ensures that your voice in Olympia will be heard and you will be kept up-to-date on regional and national legislative issues. The Guild provides opportunities for brewer-to-brewer relationship building and educational workshops. The Guildâ™s new website will add greater flexibility, up-to-date information, and increased user-friendly features.

Q. Why do I need to pay for multiple locations?

A. We need the support of our larger breweries with multiple locations. When all your locations join the guild, we all benefit.

Q. How does the guild protect our industryâ™s interests?
A. The guild acts as a watchdog for legislation such as tax-hikes, fee increases, and other procedural changes that would be adverse to the growth of the brewing industry or beer culture in Washington. The guild also takes a proactive role in our regulatory body, the Liquor Control Board, to ensure rules are favorable to the craft brewing industry.

Q. How does legislation affect my everyday life as a brewer/owner?

A.  The Liquor Control Board is the body responsible for interpreting the laws in ways that directly affect our everyday lives. In addition to getting updates on new rules, the guild is invited to be a part of the rule-making conversation. The President attends regular Business Advisory Council meetings. The LCB and staff along with a small number of industry people gather to discuss upcoming rules and give the board insight into how particular issues will affect their business.

Q. My brewery is outside of the Seattle area. What has the Guild done for me?

A. Regardless of your breweryâ™s location, the Guild is diligently working in Olympia to protect your business interests statewide. Furthermore, the Guild is formulating a technology plan to better assist breweries unable to physically attend meetings. Among the highlights of the plan are: a new website with in-house blog, virtual meetings, and videos of workshops. The existing brewersâ™ forum is an invaluable resource where you can post equipment for sale, ask for assistance on yeast, kegs, etc. or ask for advice from others in your industry on topics as diverse as healthcare plans and liability insurance. Why re-invent the wheel when you have a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips?

Every brewery: east or west, north or south, benefits from a strong, united voice.